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Aura Glow Teeth Whitening

Looking for an alternative to add a little bit of color to your teeth? We have the enticing solution with the auraglow teeth whitening pen 2 ml! This pen provides an 2 ml of color to just how many colors you can hope to add to your teeth with this one tool, the pen writes off a light color that will add a little bit of pizzazz to your room or office.

Kit 20 Whitening Treatments

Auraglow Teeth Whitening Gel

The auraglow teeth whitening gel is brand new in the box, it is a very gentle gel that will whiten teeth within hours. It is likewise basic to use, just add water and go, the auraglow teeth whitening system is a new way of teeth whitening that uses a low-cost light to help achieve the desired results in just a few short minutes a day. The system is uncomplicated to adopt and can be furnish with other friends to help achieve the desired results, the light can be stored in an app for uncomplicated access at any time. This auraglow teeth whitening light is top grade for suitors searching for a solution to the lackluster teeth whitening experiment, this system comes with an 20 treatments sewn into the surface of the surface, so you can be sure that your auraglow teeth will be hue-ated into place. The system also features a dark color changing light, so you can see which teeth are suiting you for work, our aurora Glow teeth whitening kit comes with an 35 carbamide peroxide light that will help to achieve the brightest and most white teeth ever. This kit is conjointly includes a clean care sheet and a review from one customer.