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Cvs Teeth Whitening Pen

Looking for a substitute to get your teeth clean and whiter in a snap? Cvs health teeth whitening Pen is just what you need! This fast-drying gel Pen gives a variety of- options including white, black, and black and white - making it facile to choose the excellent one for you, plus, the Pen is facile to clean, so you can get back to your life as usual.

Teeth Whitening Gel Cvs

The tooth whitening gel is two 14-ounce containers (known as "tears" in the industry), each with one-half teaspoon of peroxide free water, it can be purchase at Cvs stores. It can be bought for $4, 14 from the new-damagebox store. The Cvs teeth whitening Pen is a handy tool to keep in your Cvs store, this Pen extends different oral b technology to remove staining and bacteria, and other stains. The Pen further pens with different colors to suit your style and any occasion, whether you are searching for a substitute to make your teeth look brighter or just want to help the environment, this Pen is excellent for you! The Cvs health teeth whitening Pen is the top notch substitute to start wanting good and feeling pen-worthy. This Pen is fast and straightforward to use, making it great for people who wants to get their teeth clean and whiter, the Cvs health peroxide free whitening strips are two-day treatments that will resolve any new damage. They are 2, 14 treatments for new-damage and will resolve any damage.